Digital Consulting

Market Research / User Habits / Competition

Digital solutions shops and traditional marketing agencies alike are often so geared up to get started, they forget to define just who they're creating for. Our digital consulting services focus on research because paying lip service to the obvious "target the audience" rule isn't enough. We need to target your audience. By conducting the right types of research, we can shape a project plan and user experience that really resonates.

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Consumer / Ecommerce / Business to Business

If your site is built solely for desktop, it's time to upgrade. But you're vetting digital solutions shops like Mostly Serious because you already know that. Perfect. We design and develop engaging, responsive websites—including custom ecommerce sites—that meet users' demands for an excellent experience in any browsing environment.

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Web / Mobile / Desktop

Looking for a team of inventive creatives and technical programmers with the aptitude to build heavy-hitting software products? Whether housed on the web, the desktop, or the latest mobile device, we can create just about any app you could dare to conceive. And as always, we start with research-driven digital consulting services to be certain we're building a product that matches your company's needs and goals.

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Custom / Magento

It's not good for the soul to become consumed with money; still, we rather enjoy helping our clients stack it tall through ecommerce. From small-scale payment processing to ongoing subscriptions to cart-based storefronts, we make online purchases a breeze for our clients and their customers. Hope nobody minds us taking the phrase pay it forward literally.

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Brand Identity

Logo Design / Collateral

Your brand identity is the visual representation that will influence all your future brand communication. Getting it right takes the kind of expertise and digital consulting services that set us apart. To create iconic identities, we rely on research, experience, and a passion to discover an original take on simplicity. Mostly Serious specializes in crafting uniquely distinctive brands that will earn consumer loyalty—now and 50 years from now.

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Content Strategy

Website Writing / SEO / SEM / Social Media Plans

Fruitful content strategy and online marketing center on clean writing that holds the reader's attention. We also count on a wealth of technical know-how to get the message in front of your ideal audience, including landing high in both organic and paid search results and engaging consumers on social media platforms. Our writers have long loved playing with language, and developing a deep understanding of online marketing has only added to the fun.

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