Merle Waggard

Director of Barketing & Pawject Management

Named for his magnificently patterned coat and oft-thumping tail (lest you think it was for his quintessential baritone or fast-fingered fiddling), Merle Waggard joined Mostly Serious when we graduated to our new office in early 2015.

A real go-getter, Merle earned his spot on a team that had no intention of keeping him around. After slipping into the car unnoticed one morning when Joe ran back inside to grab something, Merle's first trip to the office was as a stow away. He made the most of the opportunity too, brightening our day and proving himself such a perfectly well-behaved office dog that by day's end we had no choice but to bring him on full time.

When he's not putting smiles on our faces at Mostly Serious, Merle is playing way too rough with his 6-year-old human, Ollie, or being extra gentle with Ollie's newborn sister, Louie. If you follow the cries of Oh my Gaawd I have to meet him!, you might also find our handsome fella performing as the world's greatest icebreaker for our secret dating service: From Merle to Marriage™.