Mat Scott


Mat sometimes jokes that math is his native language. Why? He's incredibly adept in this area and not quite so much in the spelling and grammar departments (don't worry; we're helping him perfect English too). His interest in math led to a passion for computer science, and he focuses that passion on continuous growth and helping others. Hey, that sounds like a perfect fit for Mostly Serious!

Before coming home to study computer science at Missouri State University in Springfield, Mat studied physics and math for two years at the University of Missouri. During his time at Mizzou and MSU, Mat has been a member of the physics, ping pong, and chess clubs. Guess he's been calculating the perfect backhand.

Outside of life as a programming engineer at Mostly Serious, Mat spends his days climbing, hiking, biking, roasting coffee beans, and soaking up as much knowledge as possible. Perhaps most crucial of all, Mat is wise enough to firmly believe the answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42.

Part of our interactive solutions team, Mat Scott is a junior developer.